Johnny English Strikes Again

Johnny English Strikes Again (2018) พยัคฆ์ร้าย ศูนย์ ศูนย์ ก๊าก รีเทิร์น

Johnny English Strikes Again 2018

Johnny English Strikes Again Seven years on from the incident at seven years after the events at attack by MI7 exposes the field agents of MI7 . The agency is required to reinstate inactive agents like Johnny English. He is now a geography teacher. he secretly trains his students on espionage.

English agent, who was incapacitated by accident all the retired agents. He is the only agent who’s willing to accept the mission. He is determined to use his former companion as well as MI7 clerk, Jeremy Bough. English and Bough have their own equipment, including explosive jellybeans and a tracker disguised inside a Sherbet fountain.

They are taken to the Hotel Magnifique Antibes which is where the cyberattack started. Undercover as waiters, they steal the mobile phone with a picture of their next goal, the Dot Calm yacht, and English accidentally ignites the restaurant. After snooping into the yacht, Bough and Ophelia Bhuletova are captured by Russian agent Ophelia Buletova. But they are able to escape after they are able to view a variety of computer servers.

English and Bough had run out of gas when they drove Bhuletova’s electric BMW through the countryside. She finds them, arranging to meet up at the Hotel de Paris in Cagnes-sur-Mer. English arrives at the bar of the hotel and learns that she is an informer. English however rejects his suspicions. She tries to kill him, but she fails after he takes the pill that causes him to become hyperactive.

Further cyber attacks force the Prime Minster to negotiate with Jason Volta, a billionaire from Silicon Valley . This will be revealed during a forthcoming meeting.

Learning Volta owns the Dot Calm, and suspecting that he’s behind the cyber attack, English and Bough return to their home. They are required to break into Volta’s house in order to establish proof. To prepare, English is given a virtual reality tour of the house. The participant accidentally exits the simulation room and attacks numerous people in the virtual setting.

English finds out that Bhuletova is also an informant upon his arrival at the mansion. English documents evidence of Volta’s plans using her iPhone. But, he is exposed by pressing a button that plays a song. English escapes by hijacking the vehicle of a driving teacher and return to MI7, where he was caught by Volta. However, he mixes up iPhones with the driving student and fails to convince MI7 and the Prime Minister of Volta’s plans. After hearing about both the virtual reality and restaurant incidents, she fires English, Bough and Pegasus and then proceeds to the G12 meeting in Scotland. Bough convinces him to stop Volta anyway, enlisting his wife Lydia’s assistance, a Navy captain of the submarine HMS Vengeance to get at Garroch Castle via Loch Nevis.

Bhuletova is attempting to murder Volta, but knowing that she’s a spy has immunized him with her poisonous ring and has taken her firing pin. English intervenes, but not before Volta can be killed by climbing up the castle in a powered bodysuit. Volta plans on extorting the G12 leaders and threatens to shut off the internet. English calls MI7 and then does not remember Lydia’s warning against using an iPhone near the submarine.

Inadvertently, an MI7 secretary places two telephones next each the other. One is on a call from English and the other is comes from Lydia. The goal of these calls was to verify the authenticity of an English launch code that had been mistakenly entered into. Mistakenly given the order to attack through English, Lydia launches a ballistic missile. The missile strikes the Sherbet Fountain beacon, which was left by English on the Calm. It damages the vessel and Volta’s server. English wearing an armour suit, Bough and Bhuletova chase Volta to his helicopter while he prepares to reroute the attack to a server in Nevada.

Bhuletova gives English a tablet to disable Volta’s Aerospatiale Gazelle helicopter. Volta is a mockery of the English’s inability to make use of digital technology. He throws the tablet at Volta and hits him in the forehead. In order to stop the attack the phone is smashed using an iron sword. English is praised and accepted by the Premier Minister for his stance. He has slipped and removed his armor when he was dressed for the media and G12 leaders.

English is invited to speak at his school and welcomed by his students. To his horror, he discovers that the headmaster is about to consume one of the explosive jelly babies

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