Jungleland (2019) พี่น้องสังเวียนเถื่อน

Jungleland Two brothers, Walter “Lion” Kaminski, a talented professional boxer who was formerly a professional, and his brother Stanley Kaminski, an ex-con and Lion’s idealistic manager, perform a menial job in a manufacturing plant. They spend their nights at underground boxing matches. They squat in a decaying house in the slums of Fall River, Massachusetts together with Ash Greyhound, their dog. Stanley owes $2,000 to a local criminal called “Pepper” and in order to pay it off, Pepper allows the money to ride on Lion for the next bout. Pepper arrives to witness the fight and Lion realizes that Stanley had placed a bet on winning. Lion decides to throw the fight. Pepper, enraged at the fighting, beats Stanley but recognizes the potential of Lion because of his ability. He suggests they pay the loan by performing a task: to drive Sky, a girl from Nevada to pay off their debts by making Lion take part in an underground contest in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Stanley accepts the offer and Pepper gives him cash and an SUV, and an gun. Sky is a Lion at a bar in the midst of Stanley is having a sex session in a hotel. Sky is able to distract herself by narcotics Lion using Xanax to try to steal his car keys. She accidentally crashes the SUV and tries to run before Stanley gets to her. After locking her in the hotel room Stanley calls Pepper and demands to know the truth. Stanley is furious to learn that she is being taken to Yates the gangster, who is dangerous with whom he has had past interactions.

Sky asks Stanley and Lion to not drive her to Reno. Yates will kill her and Lion is furious, but Stanley counters that Pepper will kill them all should they decide to do so. The three take the vehicle to a local garage but they aren’t able to come up with enough cash to cover the repairs. When looking through Sky’s wallet, Stanley finds out her real name is Mary McGinty and her family reside in Gary, Indiana. They hail a taxi to meet her family to ask for money, pretending to be churchgoers to the religiously strict household. After demeaning and insulting Sky for the ” sinful” path she’s taken her mother orders the group to go home. Sky and Lion bond in a school that has been abandoned, and Lion talks to Sky about their dream to open an establishment for dry-cleaning shop. Sky is curious about the relationship between the brothers. He is concerned that Stanley treats Lion as a servant, not as a family member. Lion objected to this. The next day, the pair make their way back to the garage and agree with the mechanics that they will let them use the car if Lion beats them in a single street fight. The reluctant Lion accepts the deal and easily beats the two. They drive across the country before stopping in a restaurant to eat lunch. Lion accuses Stanley that Stanley is manipulating him for his own advantage. Stanley gets furious and reminds Lion of the sacrifices he made to assist Lion. But he counters by talking to Lion about his arthritis, the difficulty in moving his hands and poor memory as a result of his constant fighting. The couple are kicked out the restaurant after Ash starts barking incessantly. Stanley is punched by an angry customer and the SUV is towed. Jungleland HD

With no money and no transport, Stanley sells Ash to two fathers and sons from the restaurant but doesn’t tell Lion and Sky, who attack him. The three travel on an unmarked bus towards Reno however Lion Sky and Sky are dropped off in Carson City, Nevada and leave a sleepy Stanley who wakes up in Reno and is abducted by Yates’ men for not giving Sky. At a bar, Lion implores Sky to leave with himafter falling in love with her. Sky refuses and they have sexual relations in the bathroom, where Lion realises that Sky is pregnant with Yates baby. She goes away, leaving Stanley’s gun and some money with him, which he utilizes to travel to Reno. After spotting Yates his hideout, who was torturing Stanley, he gets past his gang and kills Yates. A liberated Stanley declares that they could escape together, and not have to go to San Francisco, but Lion is determined to fight at Jungleland. He is reluctantly able to join him and before the fight, tears, and apologizes for the hurt he caused Lion. Lion accepts his apology and presents him with an embroidered ring robe from Sky as a thank you gift that Stanley is impressed by. The two walk to the ring, and Lion fights well, but is distracted and is knocked down. A regretful Stanley pleads with Lion not to get up and tells him that they could do something else with their lives, but Lion is determined to get up and takes the fight to victory in spectacular fashion. Stanley agrees to fall to allow police to detain Lion. Whilst Lion is celebrating his win and Stanley is taken away in handcuffs Sky appears at the venue. The two meet when the credits begin to start to roll.

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